NGOs & those helping out

“For the first time, Freedom ID has provided a solution that can automate the identity check process by putting it into the hands of staff and those displaced people in need.”

International Rescue Committee

How it works:

  • Apply for a Freedom-ID account
  • Receive a unique custom URL from us that redirects your users to our identity verification platform
  • Install a web redirect to your custom URL or add it to your email as a hyperlink
  • Users will be prompted to provide necessary information, upload a government-issued ID and take a selfie using a seamless mobile web interface
  • Real-time checks will be conducted where possible. Any signs of fraud or tampering will be flagged and sent to our operations team for manual review
  • The user will receive an email notifying them of the verification result. If approved, they will be informed they can use your platform shortly. If the verification is under review, they are told they may have to wait up to 48 hours for a result
  • You will receive a unique login to our web portal to check the status of your applicants: passed, failed, or pending