NGO’s & those helping out

“For the first time, Freedom ID has provided a solution that can automate the identity check process by putting it into the hands of staff and those displaced people in need.”

International Rescue Committee

How it works:

  • Sign-up for a Freedom-ID account
  • Install a web redirect to a custom URL provided post sign-up
  • Accommodation provider will be asked to provide a government issued ID, a selfie and address information, all through a seamless mobile web interface
  • Checks will be conducted in real time where possible, and if any signs of fraud or tampering are detected these will be manually reviewed by our operations team
  • The accommodation applicant will receive a holding message informing them that they will be connected with a refugee to host once a match is made (based on location, accommodation specification, etc.)
  • You will receive a unique log-in to our web portal to check which applicants have passed our identity checks
  • You then proceed with your standard process of matching verified accommodation providers with people seeking accommodation