How does it work?

The platform is dedicated to helping provide a safe passage for displaced people and their families. We do this by providing ID verification services for refugee hosts, drivers, volunteers and refugees alike, offering a level of comfort and reassurance to everyone involved.

The platform is designed to deter bad actors and human traffickers posing as hosts and volunteers to gain access and exploit vulnerable refugees. This is done by verifying their identity documents and cross-referencing with global databases.

Steps to verifying people


User uploads ID and takes a selfie

The user completes a simple application process, providing basic details such as phone number and email address, uploading a photo of their ID, and taking a live selfie.


Our platform conducts verification

Applications undergo automated checks and are approved if they pass our risk criteria. If not, they are sent for manual review by our team. The checks include an identity document check, biometrics, liveness test and device scoring.


View verification statuses

Partner organisations are able to view a summary of users’ approval data to confirm that their verification has passed before allowing them to use their services.


Offline Validation (coming soon)

Freedom ID holders can share their digital ID and QR code from their phone. The recipient of the ID can check the verification status of the individual via a QR code, or using a link online.

Ukraine Needs You

We need caring people to help us provide safe passage for those displaced from their homes due to war, mothers and children are at risk.
Make your contribution now and be a hero for Ukraine.

Together, we will stand up for those who need it most.

Onetime donation

By making a monthly donation to Freedom ID, you can help those in need today. Every €5.00 donated helps verify people who are hosting or volunteering for a displaced Ukrainian family.

Freedom ID is a charitable organization