About Us

We have created the Freedom ID Foundation to help protect the innocents and those weakened that constitute an estimated 40 million global citizens entangled in modern day slavery, victims of sexual exploitation, forced labor, domestic servitude and other forms of exploitation.

This number is growing and is being fuelled by psychological or emotional vulnerability, economic hardship, lack of a social safety nets, natural disasters, political instability etc. Terrible unto itself, according to the UN, this reality is worse for women who represent 51% of those trafficked and children making up a staggering 28%.

Our Vision

Freedom-ID aspires to bring together the world’s best commercial tools and technologies in the fight against human trafficking, modern-day slavery and aid in safely re-settling refugees. Our humanitarian mission is to utilize the core capabilities and competencies of our proprietary technology and that of our partners from the identity, fintech and regtech communities and combine these global leading tools into one. In so doing we hope to create an effective industrycoalition that showcases the best in identity verification.


“Use technology to stop human trafficking when people are displaced.” Provide a compelling and easy to use solution for governments, NGO’s and other organizations to employ and make it increasingly impossible for traffickers and bad actors to conduct their business.

Ukraine Needs You

We need caring people to help us provide safe passage for those displaced from their homes due to war, mothers and children are at risk.
Make your contribution now and be a hero for Ukraine.

Together, we will stand up for those who need it most.

Onetime donation

By making a monthly donation to Freedom ID, you can help those in need today. Every €5.00 donated helps verify people who are hosting or volunteering for a displaced Ukrainian family.

Freedom ID is a charitable organization