About Us

Freedom ID was established with the aim of safeguarding vulnerable individuals who are among the estimated 50 million global citizens entangled in modern-day slavery, forced labour, domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, and other forms of exploitation.

The number of individuals falling prey to trafficking is increasing, driven by factors such as psychological and emotional vulnerability, economic hardship, lack of social safety nets, natural disasters, political instability, and other causes. This is an alarming reality, and it disproportionately affects women and children.

Our Vision

Freedom-ID aims to unite top commercial tools and technologies to combat human trafficking and assist in the safe resettlement of refugees. Our humanitarian mission is to use our proprietary technology and partner with identity, fintech, and regtech communities to combine the world's leading tools into a single platform. By doing so, we aim to create an effective industry coalition that demonstrates the best practices in identity verification.


Use technology to combat human trafficking in situations where people are displaced. Provide an easy to use solution for governments, NGOs and other entities to employ to make it increasingly challenging for traffickers and other malicious actors to carry out their illegal activities.

Ukraine Needs You

We need caring people to help us provide safe passage for those displaced from their homes due to war, mothers and children are at risk.
Make your contribution now and be a hero for Ukraine.

Together, we will stand up for those who need it most.

Onetime donation

By making a monthly donation to Freedom ID, you can help those in need today. Every €5.00 donated helps verify people who are hosting or volunteering for a displaced Ukrainian family.

Freedom ID is a charitable organization