Safeguarding Refugees 

Freedom ID is a not-for-profit identity verification platform designed to help safeguard refugees fleeing war, originally created to help refugees fleeing war in Ukraine. Now, leading FinTech companies are joining forces with Freedom ID, and using their technology for good to help ensure the safe passage and stable settlement of refugees around the world.

How does it work
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Are you on the go and worried about your destination, how you will get there, and the person hosting your family? Would you like to verify the person hosting your family?

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NGO’s & those helping out

Are you helping refugees find accommodation and services? Are you working in a non-profit? We love what you are doing! And would love to help you make what you do more secure.

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Volunteers and Hosts

Do you want to provide shelter to people displaced by the war in Ukraine?We are so inspired by your good work! We can help you by verifying their identity before you open your doors.

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Ukraine Needs You

We need caring people to help us provide safe passage for those displaced from their homes due to war, mothers and children are at risk.
Make your contribution now and be a hero for Ukraine.

Together, we will stand up for those who need it most.

Onetime donation

By making a monthly donation to Freedom ID, you can help those in need today. Every €5.00 donated helps verify people who are hosting or volunteering for a displaced Ukrainian family.

Freedom ID is a charitable organization