For Agencies / Websites

Have you created a web service to connect people with accommodation?

We love what you are doing! Thank you for being thoughtful and action oriented! We want to help make what you have already started even better.

How it works:


Sign-up for a Freedom-ID account


Install a web redirect to a custom URL provided post sign-up


Accommodation provider will be asked to provide a government issued ID, a selfie and address information, all through a seamless mobile web interface


Checks will be conducted in real time where possible, and if any signs of fraud or tampering are detected these will be manually reviewed by our operations team


The accommodation applicant will receive a holding message informing them that they will be connected with a refugee to host once a match is made (based on location, accommodation specification, etc.)


You will receive a unique log-in to our web portal to check which applicants have passed our identity checks


You then proceed with your standard process of matching verified accommodation providers with people seeking accommodation

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